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Truth, Lies in Charlie - Posterg.jpg
Written, Edited, and Directed by Roe Montez


Synopsis - About to lockup the gym for the night, Charlie (Roe Montez) witnesses a drug deal gone wrong.  Charlie is let go unharmed, but threatened to not speak a word of what of he had witnessed.  Keeping everything to himself, wanting to disappear for a while for the safety of his adoptive family, he tells them that he's going to search for his biological parents.  Something he's been wanting to do his entire life.  Not thinking things could get any worse, the truth about his life is more than he expected.  Causing his world to quickly spiral out of control.  

accepted at
The 62nd Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner
The 12th Annual Roxbury
International Film Festival

Synopsis - In need of a vacation from his ordinary life, factory worker Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) visits Rekall, a company that can turn dreams into real memories. Thinking that memories of life as a superspy are just the ticket, Quaid undergoes the procedure -- but it goes horribly wrong.  Suddenly, Quaid is a hunted man.  He teams up with a rebel fighter (Jessica Biel) on a search to find the head of the underground resistance and take down the leader of the free world, Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston).


When Roe isn't playing The Black Synth, Cohaagan's Personal BodyGuard, he is playing The Featured White Synth, alongside Lori (Kate Beckinsale).


Before pursuing a career in Film and TV,

Music has played a Major role in Roe's life.

He was introduced to the Piano at the age of 7.  Performing in Piano Recitals until the age of 9.

Throughout his high school years, he took on the Alto Saxophone, performing at various events.

At the same time, he became a singer.  Singing in Showcases, Clubs, and on various Radio Stations.


Your Voice consists of Sound. Like Everything, it is a Vibration.

It can control the way you feel

and can Break Barriers.


~ Listen & Sing Wisely ~

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